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All the views expressed at the autumn consultation are now compiled

Hand filling in form
All the views expressed at the consultation last autumn regarding the extension of the Metro to Nacka and Söderort have now been compiled in a report. The views have been ordered into groups, and they have each been given a response in this consultation report. Approximately 400 private individuals submitted their views, as did many tenant-owners’ associations and property owners along the entire stretch of the new line.

One important question for many is access to the properties during the construction period.
“I can understand that this is an issue raised by many people; in those areas where construction is to go ahead it will of course have a huge impact on their daily lives. Providing a guarantee that people will be able to get in and out at all times in the area where they live, that ambulances will have access, and that the shops will receive their deliveries is our responsibility,” says Martin Hellgren, Project Manager.

Work is now proceeding prior to the start of construction, and the planning involved is becoming ever more detailed. This also includes looking even more carefully at exactly where the construction sites are to be located, and how the construction site vehicles are to get in and out, in order to guarantee access.

Careful planning before the start of construction

Many of those who have provided their views also have questions about the environment in the immediate vicinity during the construction period–- views on where the station entrances and work tunnels should be located and concern about how the construction site traffic is to fit in where there are school routes, for instance.
“This will be made apparent when we extend the Metro, but it is all the work we are doing now in the form of both consultation and careful planning and design that will enable us to ensure the construction period is made as smooth as possible. For instance, we can adapt times and routes in order to avoid construction site traffic passing near schools during the morning school run,” says Martin Hellgren.