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On the road to zero emissions

How can the building industry achieve climate neutrality? And how can the extension of the Stockholm Metro contribute to this work?

The major task of preparing a roadmap for climate neutrality in the building industry is currently underway. This roadmap is due to be presented to the Swedish Government later this year. Steve Persson, sustainability manager at the Metro Extension Administration, is one of those involved in preparing the roadmap.

“The concept behind the roadmap comes from the building industry and the aim is to achieve climate neutrality throughout the industry by 2045,” he says.

The roadmap is part of the Swedish Government’s Fossil Free Sweden initiative. The goal is to produce a common plan for all building industry stakeholders – developers, clients and decision-makers – on how the work of achieving climate neutrality should proceed.

“This is important work, not least in preparation for our major procurements. We will discover how the industry views the possibility of reducing climate emissions and can contribute and influence how our own organisation is to achieve zero emissions,” says Steve Persson.

The roadmap is intended to culminate in concrete proposals for how a climate transition within the building industry can be achieved, with the proposal being submitted to affected stakeholders, politicians and decision-makers. 

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