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Shifting up a gear in Barkarby this autumn

Work has continued at a fast rate in Barkarby this summer. The focus before the autumn has been on the blasting and excavation of construction tunnels.

The work this summer has been centred on three construction tunnels for the extension of the Blue line to Barkarby. During the construction period they are used for the transport of personal, machinery and excavated rock between the ground surface and the rail tunnels that are being blasted below ground.

“It feels really good that construction is advancing so well and that each day another step is being taken towards the completion of a fully extended Metro line between Akalla and Barkarby. At present we’re driving a tunnel in the Veddesta Industrial Estate and from an existing rock cavern at Barkarbyfältet,” says Martin Brantberger, Project Mamager.

In the case of Veddesta Industrial Estate, a 10 meter section of tunnel has been blasted while at Barkarbyfältet a 25 meter section of one of two tunnels has been blasted.

“At Barkarbyfältet, on the airfield landing strip, we have during the summer excavated down to bedrock and will soon start blasting operations for the third tunnel.”

In the autumn, work will mainly focus on blasting and excavation of the construction tunnels.

“In connection with these works we, as always, fulfil the demands that apply for noise and vibrations. We also intend to continue the positive dialogue we have had so far with residents, business operations and commercial activities near our sites, those that are most closely affected by our work” concludes Martin Brantberger.