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"We must be hard"

No serious accidents while the new Metro is being built. That is our goal. In order to achieve it, we need good strategies, procurements with the right focus and a personal presence on our building sites. 

Published: 2019-06-13

The number of work environment accidents with a fatal outcome has increased in Sweden during recent years. And the construction industry is one important area in which there are far too many deaths at work. 

The focus of the work being done for the Extended Metro Administration is that there shall be no serious workplace accidents. 

“This is a self-evident goal. I could even go as far as to say that it is our most important goal,” says Fredrik Moback, who is Sustainability Coordinator with responsibility for the Metro to Arenastaden, the Metro to Barkarby and for the extended depot.

Fredrik Moback

Preparations are the most important factor
Despite the fact that construction of the Metro is so far only in progress in Barkarby, work environment activities at Extended Metro Administration have already been underway for some time.

“Our preventive work is extremely important. With good procurements, training courses and safety inspections we will come a long way. Giving the contractor enough time will take us still further because it is most often when we are stressed that we are tempted to take short-cuts,” says Anna Ruhn, Work Environment Manager for the Metro to Nacka and Söderort.

Anna Ruhn

Shared responsibility
As facility proprietor, the Administration has the overall responsibility for the work environment, whereas the appointed contractors have client responsibility.

“This is really an area in which our own interests, and those of our contractors, coincide. Nobody wants accidents to happen. At the same time, it is important to recognise that a good work environment does not come cheaply,” says Fredrik Moback.

Personal presence an important factor
At the procurement stage, it is of decisive importance to show the contractor just how important work environment matters are. And once the wok is in progress, Fredrik Moback, Anna Ruhn and their colleagues will have to be present at the building site, taking part in the safety inspections and checking the work of the contractors. 

“As a major public player we have enormous responsibilities. We have to keep the flag flying high and make sure that the issues involved always remain high on the agenda,” says Fredrik Moback.

“We cannot overlook these issues – we must be hard and ruthless in this respect,” says Anna Ruhn.